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Consulting Services [Hourly, Project, Retainer] and Shared Revenue Collaboration

Everyone starts out with a billion-dollar dream, but turning that dream into reality takes more than just passion. Apexant can bridge the gap between your vision and achieving market success. We offer a comprehensive suite of branding, marketing, and product management services, all designed to propel your product or service forward.

Here’s the real game-changer: We understand the challenges of upfront costs. That’s why Apexant also offers a revenue-share business model. This approach allows you to focus on what you do best – development and coding – while we handle the marketing and sales. We both share in the risk and the rewards. Don’t let limited resources hold your billion-dollar idea back. Contact Apexant today!

Brand and Marketing Services

Apexant offers comprehensive support and consulting services in Brand and Marketing Management, empowering businesses to establish and elevate their brand presence in the market. Through strategic identity development, market analysis, and brand positioning, we help clients define their unique value proposition and effectively position themselves in the competitive landscape.

Key areas that we support:

  • Strategic Identity Development: We collaborate with you to define a clear and consistent brand identity encompassing vision, mission, values, and personality. This serves as the foundation for all your marketing efforts.
  • Data-Driven Market Insights: We conduct comprehensive market research to understand consumer needs, market trends, and the competitive landscape. These insights inform strategic branding and marketing decisions, ensuring they resonate with your target audience.
  • Compelling Brand Positioning: Apexant works with you to define your brand’s unique value proposition and develop strategies to effectively position it in the market. This differentiation creates a strong brand presence and attracts your ideal customers.
  • Targeted Audience Segmentation: Apexant utilizes market research to develop a deep understanding of your target audiences. We segment these audiences based on demographics, psychographics, and behavior patterns to ensure your branding and marketing efforts are laser-focused and impactful.
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns: We craft cohesive marketing plans that leverage various channels, including digital marketing, social media, strategic content creation, and even traditional advertising, if suited to your target market. These integrated campaigns maximize reach, awareness, and engagement.
  • Seamless Brand Communication: Apexant ensures consistent and compelling brand messaging across all touchpoints, from website content to social media interactions. This reinforces your brand identity and fosters deeper connections with consumers.
  • Building Brand Experiences: We believe in creating positive and memorable customer experiences at every interaction. Our strategies ensure customer loyalty and advocacy for your brand.
  • Performance Measurement & Optimization: Apexant utilizes data analytics tools and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of your branding and marketing campaigns. This allows us to continuously optimize your strategies for maximum impact and return on investment (ROI).
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): We guide you in implementing CRM systems and strategies to foster strong customer relationships. Personalized experiences and ongoing support contribute significantly to brand loyalty.
  • Brand Protection Expertise: Apexant helps you safeguard your brand’s integrity and reputation. We offer guidance on trademark management, quality control, and crisis management strategies, ensuring your brand thrives in the long term.

Our global perspective and expert insight allow us to seamlessly collaborate across different clients and markets, offering custom solutions for brand strategy development, competitive positioning, impactful go-to-market strategy, and more. By partnering with Apexant, you gain a team of branding and marketing experts dedicated to elevating your brand and achieving your marketing goals.

Product Management Services

Are you struggling to bring your product vision to life? Apexant’s product management consultants can help. We’ll guide you through every stage of the product lifecycle, from ideation and user research to development (process), launch, and ongoing optimization. Leverage our expertise to ensure your product aligns with market needs, industry best practices, and processes, delivers exceptional user experiences, and achieves sustainable growth.

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Key areas that we support:

  • Market Insights & Strategy: We conduct in-depth market research to understand customer needs and competitor landscapes. This knowledge informs a data-driven product strategy aligned with your business goals.
  • Prioritized Product Roadmaps: Together, we define clear product roadmaps that prioritize features and enhancements based on market research and user feedback. This ensures your product is built to resonate with your target audience.
  • Agile Development & Execution: Our team collaborates seamlessly with your engineering, design, and marketing teams. We leverage best-practice Agile methodologies to plan, build, and launch high-quality products efficiently.
  • Compelling Product Messaging: Apexant crafts clear and compelling messaging that highlights your product’s unique value proposition. We ensure effective market positioning and branding to attract customers.
  • MVP & Beta Testing Expertise: We guide the MVP and beta testing process to identify early issues, refine features, and guarantee product-market fit. This minimizes development risks and maximizes launch success.
  • Strategic Go-to-Market Plans: We develop comprehensive GTM plans encompassing pricing strategies, distribution channels, targeted marketing campaigns, and sales enablement strategies to drive product adoption and revenue.
  • Continuous Improvement: Apexant values customer feedback. We collect and analyze feedback through various channels to inform ongoing product iterations and optimization, ensuring long-term product success.
  • Data-Driven Optimization & Performance: We track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure impact. Using this data, we implement optimization strategies to continually improve your product and maximize its performance.
  • Stakeholder Alignment & Success: We collaborate effectively with all internal and external stakeholders, ensuring everyone is aligned on priorities and equipped to contribute to the product’s success.

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Our consultants offer a comprehensive approach, supporting you throughout the entire product lifecycle. From initial concept development to user research, MVP/BETA, product launch, and ongoing optimization, we ensure your product aligns with market demands, delivers exceptional user experiences, and achieves sustainable growth. Let Apexant help you turn your product vision into a reality.

Revenue Share Business Models

Apexant Partnership Engine [APE]

Want to focus on what you do best – creating exceptional products for your customers – while minimizing upfront marketing costs? Apexant offers a revenue-sharing model for a select few products, platforms, and solutions. We call this our Apexant Partnership Engine program – APE. This approach allows you to free up resources for other business matters such as development, testing, and other functions while leveraging Apexant’s expertise in marketing and product management to drive sales and growth for your product and organization. Share the risk and reward – contact us today to learn how APE can supercharge your company’s success!

Key areas that we offer:

  • Faster Time-to-Market: The revenue-sharing model incentivizes us to expedite the go-to-market process for your product. We’ll work efficiently to establish your brand, launch marketing campaigns, and generate sale as quickly as possible, maximizing your revenue potential sooner.
  • Reduced Upfront Costs: Minimize your initial financial risk. Depending on the project, product, and the agreed terms, you won’t pay any upfront fees for our branding, marketing, and product management expertise and services.
  • Focus on what you do Best: Free up your resources and talent to focus on what you do best – creating exceptional products for customers. Apexant will handle the marketing and sales, allowing you to dedicate your team to development, coding, testing, and other business matters.
  • Shared Risk & Reward: We’re invested in your success! With a revenue-sharing model, our compensation is directly tied to the sales generated for your product. This creates a strong incentive for us to achieve optimal results for both of us.
  • Expanded Market Reach: Leverage Apexant’s marketing expertise as your “USA Branch Office” for new or expansion markets. We’ll handle local marketing and sales, ensuring a smooth entry and maximizing your product’s potential in the US market and beyond.
  • Streamlined Operations: Benefit from our local presence for customer support, compliance support, documentation, and logistics support. We’ll navigate the intricacies of the US market, saving you time and resources.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: Our revenue-sharing model fosters a continuous feedback loop. Customer insights and sales data are constantly analyzed to refine our marketing and product positioning strategies, ensuring long-term success.
  • Apply for our APE Program: If your company wants to join our Apexant Partnership Engine program, please submit your application below. Please include your website, product name, industry and your ideal partnership goals.

In essence, by partnering with Apexant on a revenue-sharing model, you gain a dedicated US partner with extensive brand, marketing, and product management expertise. We’ll handle the heavy lifting, minimize your upfront costs, and share the risks and rewards on the path to achieving your product’s full potential in the US market. Let APE do the work!

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